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About Your Doctor

Image0002_2.JPGDr. Mark Marquardt has built his practice by conservatively treating the "worst of the worst", using leading edge technologies such as spinal decompression therapy and high power cold laser treatment, in conjunction with compassionate support, to provide his patients with a safe, non-invasive solution to even the most severe physical pain.

"I dedicated myself to a career in chiropractic after personally witnessing the devastating effects of a botched back surgery within my own family. The disabling pain, drug addiction, and the needless, horrific suffering I saw could have been easily avoided with the treatment options we have in our office today. I will do whatever it takes to keep pain from becoming a tragedy for you or your loved ones."

Dr Mark brings his extensive chiropractic background and experience to The Woodlands/Spring community by way of Chicago, Illinois, where he received his doctoral degree from the National University of Health Sciences in 1981. He also holds an advanced Diplomate certification from the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

Dr. Marquardt received a Law Degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston, TX in 2005. With this training, he now has a complete understanding of the insurance claims process from both the medical and legal perspectives. He is a uniquely-qualified expert witness when testifying in personal injury and auto accident cases.

More recently, Dr. Mark has served on the faculty of the Texas Chiropractic College as an Associate Professor of Clinical Studies and as an Attending Clinician at the Moody Health Center, where he was able to use his experiences to educate, encourage, and inspire the young doctors under his guidance.

Dr. Marquardt has conducted independent research on the causes of low back pain and disc herniations, and as a result of his efforts received a patent from the United States Government for an advanced MRI spinal imaging technique.